Birth is inevitable.  Birth is universal.  Birth is indescribable.  Birth creates new life.

Everyone believes in BIRTH!

There is no way to get around birth.  Children are the gateway to this future and it begins with BIRTH.  The way we mold, shape and influence children begin at birth.  When in the womb they hear, feel and digest everything we put into them.  And it is no different when we labor and BIRTH them into this world.

Giving a mom and her family the best birthing experience will leave a lasting impression on that family.  This impression I believe will be passed on from generation to generation therefore I have accepted my call to duty to be apart of this new, but so old, phenomenon called Natural Birthing.

In my opinion Natural Birthing doesn’t just mean no drugs, birthing centers, and a spiritual journey but it entails proper education and giving the mom the support needed to make the best birthing decision needed for her and child.

When we force birth to happen that eliminate any part of it being NATURAL.  But when we align the mom, her body, her psyche, emotions and expectations…..we are allowing birth to happen NATURALLY.

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