I absolutely love helping people!

Throughout my life I have personally experienced feeling alone while trying to be the best parent I can be.  Please keep in mind…feeling alone can mean that you just don’t feel you are receiving the support you need from the people around you or it could mean actually being a single parent.  Either way, the day-to-day demands of being a mom can be demanding and tiresome.

Also, I have found, not from actual research just yet that many women in urban communities lack the support needed to really know how to be a 'Phenomenal Mom'.  Whether it is because they come from a line of moms that had a challenging parenting style, the needs to meet day-to-day living conditions are scarce or they need further resources and education to evolve to the 'Phenomenal Mom' status.

I want to relieve some of that ‘aloneness’ by being that help moms need.  I have helped moms by taking the siblings to the park, ensuring them that they are doing things their way in a positive manner, helping with breastfeeding, ensuring mom has some ‘mommy timeout’ time, being that nonjudgmental ear, grown up conversation, providing cloth diaper assistance, and overall that person they can look forward to and cherish as their own peace of mind.

I absolutely love being a postpartum doula, cloth diaper consultant and family concierge.  My gift for being a listening ear is something I love to share with moms that need someone in their corner.

Doula’s are not ‘one size fit all’!  I tell moms to always review their options and if they need my help in doing so because I may not be a perfect match for them, I am there.  No woman should every feel alone when they are enjoying the most monumental moment of their lives….the birth of their precious gift.

Every woman has the ability to be a 'Phenomenal Mom'…sometimes we just need that encouragement to bring it out.

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